- An unforgettable event deserves a memorable gift -

In a few minutes, Boris will perform your portrait, with glitters or personalized color at your private events, your wedding, birthday, bar-mitzvah...
A quality work, a unique piece, a highlight of your day where emotion is guaranteed


The making live of portrait: from 5 till 7 minutes. The performance is made on stage, with a music of your choice. You become the owner of the artwork at the end of the show


Size: 70/55 inches

Size: 70/70 inches

Size: 55/47 inches


Size: 55/55 inches

- The workshop, orders and deliveries -
 Boris realizes your canvas in his workshop, which are then delivered by carrier to the address of your choice (colors, black and white or glitter).
(possibility of making a video of the performance with musical support and the message you want to deliver to your loved ones) Maximum size: 47/39 inches
Contact orders and deliveries:

Boris Normand peintre performer, tableau
Boris Normand Speed Glitter Painting, pe

Size: 47/39 inches

Size: 39/39 inches

boris normand tableaux paillettes speed

Size: 47/39 inches

boris normand speed painting glitter liv
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Size: 47/39 inches

boris normand glitter painting,Salvador

Size: 39/39 inches